Mill 1 FAQs

Mill 1 Booking & Payment Schedule FAQs

Q: How many people can you accommodate?
A: For a conference with classroom style seating, 300. For a private event, 200 with a dance floor and 250 without a dance floor.

Q: How do I secure my event/reserve the day of my event?
A: We host one event per day. Days are reserved on a first come first serve basis via a security deposit of $750.00 made out to ‘Open Square LLC’ (we only accept checks) and a signed contract (non-refundable if you cancel).

Q: Can you hold a date for me?
A: No. We do not hold dates because it’s too hard to manage and we don’t want to let anyone down. Dates are reserved or they are open.

Q: Once I secure my date, when are my Mill 1 payments due?
A: Six months before your event, you will pay 100% of the room charge (including known décor additions and tax) and you will begin working with our Mill 1 Event Coordinators on your seating plan and bar choices. Thirty days before your event, you will pay your full bar bill (if applicable), and any un-billed room extras. That’s it!

Decor, Vendor & Mill 1 Staff FAQs

Q: Do my friends and family who will be attending the wedding and want to help with set up need insurance?
A: No, UNLESS you are paying them. Our insurance company requires that all vendors providing services for a fee must be fully insured including liability and workman’s comp insurance.

Q: My friend(s) are musicians/DJ’s, do they need insurance?
A: Yes. All vendors providing services for a fee must be fully insured including liability and workman’s comp insurance. Insurance designed for DJ’s and Musicians if very affordable. It covers their equipment and can be found with a simple on-line search.

Q: What does your staff manage before my event and the day of my event?
A: Prior to your event, Mill 1 Event Coordinators will work with you to create a detailed floor plan, seating plan, arrange for your beverage needs, ensure your vendors have directions and know where to park, etc. The day of your event, Mill 1 staff sets up table and chairs, welcomes your vendors, address any needs you have related to the space (temperature, etc.) and coordinates the flow of the event. Event Coordinators do not decorate.

Q: Can I come in the day before or the day after my event to decorate and/or breakdown?
A: No. We used to be able to do that, but we’re too busy now! We have events booked sequential days and are not able to manage event material the day before or after. Your rental is for a particular length of time on a particular day. You may pay for access to the space for additional sequential hours on the day of your event for $100/hour.

Q: When do people decorate the space for an event?
A: Your caterer will put linens on the tables and set the tables. Your florist (if applicable) will place centerpieces and other floral details. We will place tables/chairs/lights/furniture. So that leaves other decor items (welcome table decor, seating cards, gift table decor, bar signs, etc.). Additional consecutive hours to decorate are available for $100 per hour with a $100 minimum. You must ask for any additional time—beyond the contractual 3 hours—in writing 30 days or more before your event so Mill 1 has time to send an invoice and schedule staff.

Q: What if I don’t want to decorate the space?
A: Folks usually choose one of the following three options:

  1. Ask someone you know to place and remove special decor items within the 3 hour set-up time.
  2. Hire a planner to place and remove special decor the day of your event and/or supervise your event. Check our Preferred Vendor list for wonderful event planners.
  3. Negotiate with your florist or other vendor to place and remove special decor the day of your event.

Q: What are my chair options?
A: The black chairs in Mill 1 are included in your Mill 1 rental. White folding chairs are included in a Mill 4 Ceremony space rental. Your Event Coordinator can coordinate renting other chairs at an additional cost.

Q: Do you have audio or visual presentation equipment we can use?
A: No.

Q: How many candles may I use?
A: This is another insurance issue, so we thank you for your compliance! You may have 3 candles per table and 1 candle per window sill. ALL candles must be in a container and the top of the flame must be 2 inches below the top of the container.

Q: Q: I’d like the hang things. Is that okay?
A: Our insurance carrier requires that Mill 1 staff perform ALL work that requires a ladder. We’re happy to hang items for you! The fee for this work is $100/hour with a one-hour minimum. Mill 1 must approve any special decor, including hanging ones, that are attached to the building. You must ask for ladder time in writing 30 days or more before your event so Mill 1 has time to invoice you and schedule staff. You may NOT hang anything on painted walls.

Ceremony FAQs

Q: Can I have my ceremony at Mill 1 too?
A: Absolutely. We have two ceremony spaces. The Mill 4 ceremony space includes white folding chairs for up to 150 guests and costs $850. Mill 4 is adjacent to Mill 1. The Mill 4 ceremony rental is for 3 hours.

Having a ceremony within the Mill 1 event space is an option for events of 90 or less guests. A ceremony in Mill 1 is $750 and this rental adds one hour to your Mill 1 rental. We do not allow ceremonies in Mill 1 for more than 90 guests. The black chairs in Mill 1 are included in your Mill 1 rental. We can arrange for different chairs at an additional cost.

Catering FAQs

Q: Can my mom/cousin/aunt cater my event?
A: No. We’ve tried that kind of arrangement and it doesn’t go well sometimes. For your guests’ happiness and the success of your event, we want you to have an experienced caterer. So here’s our policy: All caterer’s must be approved full-service, full-time, licensed and insured caterers. Here’s what that means to us: they host 10 or more large weddings (100 people or more) per year; have permanent staff of 8-12 or more professional wait and kitchen staff; do not hire per event or pay staff under the table; have a full service commercial kitchen, have their own dinnerware and linen’s or established relationships with rental companies that provide them. This policy ensures a great experience for you and your guests.

Q: Do you provide food?
A: No. We provide the space (with tables and chairs) and bar staff/glasses. You choose a licensed and insured full-service catering company to set your tables (linens/china, flatware, water goblets) and serve your food and clean up after your meal. See our list of preferred vendor list for caterers we love working with and who we know do an exceptional job for their customers.

Q: Can my caterer drop off food?
A: No. We require full-service catering. Food must be prepared, transported, set out and/or served and cleaned up by the caterer’s employees.

Q: Can I bring in my own appetizer/grandmother’s famous recipe/food of any kind?
A: No. Under no circumstance may food be brought in by the renter except for desserts made by a professional licensed and insured bakery.

Q: Is your kitchen Kosher or Halal certified?
A: No.

Bar FAQs

Q: Do I have to use your bar?
A: Yes. Absolutely no outside beverages (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) may be brought into Mill 1. There is a $1,000 Friday, Saturday and Holiday event bar minimum and a $500 bar minimum all other days, even if you’re not serving alcohol at your event.

Q: Can I bring in alcohol?
A: No. Bringing outside alcohol into our venue is a violation of our liquor license. We will take the alcohol.

Q: May I have wine bottles on the tables?
A: Yes but there is a fee for each bottle on a table. Speak to your Event Manager for details.

Q: If I purchase an Open Bar package, which adult guests are included in my bar bill?
A: Open bar package confirmed guest counts include all adult guests with the exception of pregnant women. Other than moms to be, Mill 1 does not make exceptions for any other category of adults when you purchase an open bar because we have no way of verifying their medical or recovery status or their personal beverage preferences.

Q: I have a relationship with a person or business that sells wine/liquor. Can I bring in my own wine or alcohol at a reduced rate?
A: No. We do not offer corking fees and we do not purchase alcohol from sources other than our regular distributors. These are ABCC rules we’re following.

Q: Can I take any opened bottles of wine home with me?
A: No. The ABCC does not categorize us as a restaurant, and as such, they do not allow us to provide sealable wine bags like those you find in restaurants.

Q: Do you serve shots?
A: No.

Q: Can I have just a wine & beer bar?
A: Sure. If you purchase an Open Bar, you may limit what’s offered to your guests in any way you like, but Open Bar prices remain the same. There is no discounted open bar for only wine & beer. If you choose cash bar or open bar by consumption, we are happy to only put out wine and beer.

Q: Can I order special wine/beer for my event?
A: If you purchase a Premium or Ultra Premium Open Bar package you may special order wine or beer. There is a per bottle charge in addition to the cost of the Open Bar package and there is a $250 minimum for special wine/beer orders.

Q: Can you get some cool microbrew beers for my event?
A: We carry a seasonal rotating stock of two to three craft beers at all times.