Frequently Asked Questions

What is Open Square?

Open Square is a growing, economically self sustaining, mixed-use urban center and event venue. A city block of historic mills between the canals in Holyoke, Massachusetts, the first planned industrial city in the country. Open Square has grown over 20 years by using beautiful design and fair prices to attract those who appreciate the value of both. Our partners in this venture are the visitors, tenants and guests who come to Open Square every day. We thank our current tenants and welcome your office, retail, industrial or warehouse business to join us.

  • A community of businesses in seven spacious, historically-significant brick and wood mill buildings
  • Commercial spaces infused with gorgeous custom design, modern materials, and superb craftsmanship
  • A modern creative workplace situated between two picturesque canals
  • Office, studio and light industrial space flooded with natural light
  • Redundant broadband access
  • Easy and quick access to Route 91, Masspike, Route 116, and Route 391
  • Room to grow your business on-site (many of our current tenants can tell you about this).
  • Abundant, free on-site parking

How do I get to Open Square?

Directions here

What kind of space do you rent at Open Square?

We lease space in the following categories: retail, office, storage, light industrial or manufacturing, photo/video shoots, weddings, corporate or family events, creative businesses, and more. We have spaces between 170 to 120,000 square feet.

Do you have residential units or live/work lofts at Open Square?

We have one residential unit that is currently occupied. Open Square doesn’t have plans to begin building any residential units, but we’ll revisit that decision when we can evaluate the impact of the passenger train stop in Holyoke. If you are interested in a loft at Open Square, please sign up for our newsletters so we can keep you updated.

What’s up with your water wheels?

Open Square generates electricity with its two, Victorian-Era hydro turbines, and 1930s vintage generators. This video below shows the start-up procedure for the “D” wheel, which involves regulating the flow of water entering the turbines, and stabilizing the electricity generated. Thereafter, the wheels are placed “on line” by connecting to the power grid. Shortly after this video was recorded, the start-up and shut-down procedure was converted to full automation. The process can now be monitored and controlled remotely.

When was Open Square Built?

The 7 mills that make up Open Square were built between 1848 (Mill 1) and 1870. Open Square started it’s redevelopment in the year 2000.

What/How many businesses are at Open Square?

Directory of Businesses here