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Xenocs Inc.

Mill 4, Suite L101

SAXSLAB and Xenocs bring the best possible Small Angle X-ray instrumentation to laboratories and research centers all over the world.

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Carrie Goldstein, Esq.

Mill 4, Suite 205

Specializing in family law and state interventions in juvenile criminal cases.

Kara Parks, Esq.

Mill 4, Suite 205


Specializing in family law and state interventions in juvenile criminal cases.

Topos Labs

Mill 4, Suite 120

Topos Labs takes text mining to a whole new level with a revolutionary cognitive engine called Gracie. Gracie interprets digital reading materials that are too voluminous, lengthy, complex, mundane or otherwise impossible for humans. Gracie was developed to be trained quickly by non-technical domain experts and decision-makers with no programming or data science required. Simply put, Gracie ingests and understands text like a real person, only a million times faster.

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Foster & Blanchette

Foster and Blanchette is a boutique law firm dedicated to zealously assisting clients in critical matters of family reunification, child custody, and child guardianships at both trial and on appeal.

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A managed service provider and value-added reseller, baytechIT is one of the only “healthcare-centric” MSPs in North America.

akiro consulting

From revenue cycle and financial management, to complex M&A transaction support, akiro is all about the “business” of healthcare.

Nectar Strategic Consulting

Nectar brings global healthcare leaders together in a boutique consulting environment, offering a unique perspective on unifying best in class technology and driving healthcare transformation to achieve clinical objectives.

River Road Billiards

Mill 4, Suite 112-114

River Road Billiards operates the Baystate APA, a franchise of the American Poolplayers Association (APA). The APA is the largest amateur pool league on the world. Baystate APA operates in the South Shore and South Coast of Massachusetts.

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Allyn & O’Donnell

Mill 4, Suite 122

Allyn & O’Donnell Real Estate, Inc. provides a full suite of property sale services for companies and individuals.

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Idea Co.

Mill 4, Suite 215

IdeaCo. provides a full suite of creative services for companies and organizations seeking to reinvent themselves, adapt to new marketplaces or develop a more consistent brand image.

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Richard Blaser

Mill 4, Suite 130

Richard Blaser is a Senior Field Director at New York Life Insurance.

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