High Tech

Topos Labs

Mill 4, Suite 120

Topos Labs takes text mining to a whole new level with a revolutionary cognitive engine called Gracie. Gracie interprets digital reading materials that are too voluminous, lengthy, complex, mundane or otherwise impossible for humans. Gracie was developed to be trained quickly by non-technical domain experts and decision-makers with no programming or data science required. Simply put, Gracie ingests and understands text like a real person, only a million times faster.

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Mill 4, Suite 310
VertitechIT’s mission is to make technology an asset for your business, not a problem. They strive to seamlessly integrate technology with your business allowing you to focus on your customers. They aim to deliver the best possible, most reliable network solutions. They have the ability to evaluate, diagnose and collaborate uniquely positions them to provide a total service solution for the small to medium sized business.

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