Four-legged Friends at Open Square

ISO: Local business with dogs. office_with_dogs_new_england

Open Square is a dog friendly building. We can’t image any other option. For heavens sake, why would you want to work in a building that doesn’t allow dogs? Maybe it’s just us, but we think pets add soul to our building and our tenants’ lives. They certainly do to our lives. There are only two rules dog owners must follow at Open Square: you must pick up after your pet when they do their business and they must be on a leash in common areas. We think that’s pretty reasonable.

At some office dogmoments in our 17-year history, we’ve had a legitimate pack of dogs in the building. Currently, our doggo population is at an ebb: there are only two tenants who choose to bring their dog to work: Boomerang Storage and us. So we reach out to you. We need your help. Rent office, warehouse, studio or retail space from us and please bring your dog.

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