Need a Reset? Open Square Welcomes New Tenant.

Put your hand up if you could use a ‘RESET’ button. The Reset, a new fitness studio, is pleased to announce it is open for business in Suite 203 at Open Square.

The Reset is owned by Maggie Bergin, who has been teaching group fitness classes in the Pioneer Valley for 6 years. (DISCLOSURE: Maggie is also Open Square’s Communications Director and is married to John Aubin, Open Square’s Owner/Architect. Maggie is actually referring to herself in the 3rd person as she types this announcement which feels weird but is also-oddly in this case-part of her job.)

“I named my studio The Reset because for me, a good workout is like a RESET button I can count on to help me sleep better, feel balanced (figuratively and literally) and improve my general quality of life. Incidentally, it also improves the lives of those around me as I’m a lot more pleasant to be around if I’m working out regularly.”

The Reset offers 30-minute lunchtime and 50-minute afternoon and evening group fitness classes. Classes are pared down to the essentials necessary for a great workout: cardiovascular health, muscular strength and flexibility (Who has TIME these days to NOT get a full-body workout in under and hour?) All Reset classes 1. Improve your cardiovascular system. 2. Strengthen your muscles (especially your core) and 3. Maintain your balance and flexibility.

A Reset class uses short cardio intervals (low-impact options are ALWAYS offered), TRX® Suspension trainers, Bosu® balls, Yoga balls, body weight resistance and Strala® yoga movements and stretches. Classes are $5.95-$9.95 each depending on how many classes you purchase. When you purchase your first class for $5, you get a second class free. Everything Reset is on their website:

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