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Open Square Creates Custom-Built Headquarters for National IT Company

Open Square is pleased to announce plans for the build-out of a brand new company headquarters. We’re creating a new, custom-designed and custom-built work space that will provide approximately 6,000 square feet of work and meeting space for 25 employees.

Current Open Square tenant and national healthcare IT consultancy VertitechIT is expanding its presence at Open Square. The new space will also house employees of two sister companies; akiro Consulting, a firm that facilitates medical practice transactions and acquisitions, and baytechIT, an IT services provider to physician practices, clinics, and non-profit healthcare companies. BaytechIT is a joint venture between VertitechIT and Baystate Health. The new space will allow collaboration between the three companies while giving each their own autonomy. Says Greg Pellerin, VertitechIT Chief Operating Officer, “When you start a company, you’d take a closet to work in, but when you have the ability to make a space, it becomes part of the definition of your company. Our space is part of our company’s culture. What John built for us partially defines us and we love it.”

Our design for the new companies embraces our 17-foot ceilings, large windows, maple floors and solid brick walls while adding modern design and work-space functionality to the open historic environment. Pellerin continues, “To a person, when folks come in here, they are astounded by our office space. It’s unique and functional for a technology company but fits the aesthetic of everything else around it within the building.”

This will be Open Square’s largest custom build-out in its 19-year history. As you probably know, we’re interested in melding the old and the new, creating spaces where creative companies can thrive because the work environment supports their mission. We’re particularly glad to be attracting companies that are great for our local economy and leverage the true assets of post-industrial cities: our incredible spaces, central location, great prices and diverse community. Open Square is a poster child for this different approach to growing in post-industrial American cities: a balanced market-based approach.

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