The Staircase at Mill 1

Mill 1 is a former paper mill that has been restored into a stunning event venue while still preserving the history that has been a part of a community since 1848. Holyoke was built around a 60 foot drop in the Connecticut River. Water power was harnessed through a dam and a canal system that remains today.

bride and groom portrait at base of historic mill 1 staircase

Image by Jeffrey Byrnes Photography

In the 19th century, Mill 1 housed many hundreds of mill workers, often working 10-12 hour days, six days a week. We think about the mill workers every time we climb this staircase.

Bride and her bridesmaids leaving the bridal suite at the historic Mill 1 in Holyoke.

Image by Meg Haley Photography

One popular wedding portrait location is the historic stairwell in Mill 1 that leads to the second floor bridal suite. Usually the photographer situates her self well above the couple who stand close to each other or embrace on the first floor.

Bride poses at base of historic restored mill staircase for wedding portrait

Image by Jeffrey Byrnes Photography

It’s wonderful to see how different photographers can create such different images in the exact same location! Mill 1 has a unique ambiance that makes it a truly special place to make memories to be shared for generations to come.

Lesbian couple poses as base of Mill 1 stairwell in Holyoke, Massachusetts

Image by Bunnell Photography

bride poses at base of historic stairwell in refurbished Mill building.

Image by J. Benson Photography