Seating Arrangements at Mill 1

Mill 1 at Open Square in Holyoke can accommodate up to 200 guests with a dance floor. Around the dance floor, we place and set the tables and chairs for your wedding at your or your event planners’ direction. We have many table sizes and shapes to choose from.

winter wedding farm style seating arrangement at Mill 1 in western or family style seating

Farm-style tables are an increasingly popular seating arrangement. We use eight-foot rectangular tables that seat four on each side—for a total of eight people per table—and create long lines of tables. In addition to the lovely look of this seating arrangement, it can also make seating plans a little easier to hash out in the final days before your wedding.

round tablesLinen colored full table cloths and white napkins at Mill 1 wedding and event venue.

Round tables are a classic and versatile seating arrangement. We have both five foot and size foot round tables. Five-foot rounds comfortably seat 6-8 people. You can—in a pinch—seat 9 people at a five-foot round, but we recommend trying to avoid that for your guests’ comfort. Six-foot rounds comfortably seat 9-10 guests.

Wedding couple listen to toast while at sweetheart table at evening wedding at Mill 1, historic restored Mill.bridal party seating

Mill 1 can easily accommodate your choice of bridal party seating. We’ve had head tables as large as 24 and-of course-sweetheart tables for two.