Wedding Bouquets at Mill 1

We see a huge variety of beautiful bouquets and boutonnieres at Mill 1. Let’s start with a very classic but modern bouquet with white roses, pops of green fern fronds, white berries and pale purple thistle heads that provide both color and texture.


This bouquet is an example of a SUPER creative use of vintage brooches. I think the key is keeping them all in the same color scheme, in this case teals, peaches, pearl and golds. Well done!

Bouquets can also get a little wild and really work at Open Square. The natural elements of the space lend themselves to a free flowing asymmetrical bouquet like the one below.

Melissa Koren 6-21-14

One lesbian couple (#wedwecan!) chose to each have a bouquet, just slightly different. the purple matched their color scheme for the room and vibrant personalities.


How about using only DRIED flowers so you can save your bouquet forever? Image by Love & Perry Photography.

Another way to keep your bouquet forever? Use paper bouquets! Image below by Linda Barry Photography