Wedding Dessert: To Cake or Not To Cake?

The time, care and expertise that go into a wedding cake is astounding. Bakers spend many, many hours baking and decorating a wedding cake, and then they must deliver it to your location and ensure it looks perfect. Wedding cakes can be expensive as a result of all the time and hard work that go into them. They’re worth every penny if they are important to you and your fiancé.

cake alternatives

However, if you don’t love cake or wouldn’t enjoy the pomp and ceremony involved in the cutting of the cake, there are still lots of sweet alternatives for you and your wedding guests. Here are some examples of alternative desserts Mill 1 couples have chosen instead of a wedding cake:

  • One recent couple hired a food truck to park outside the Mill 1 venue and provide 3-4 varieties of ice cream sandwiches with different ice cream and cookie flavors, like mint chocolate chip ice cream with double chocolate cookie, or ginger ice cream with molasses cookie.
  • A bride lost her beloved mother a few years prior to her wedding. Her mom was an avid baker and the bride’s father absolutely adored his wife’s fruit pies. So in honor of the bride’s mother, the couple chose to have available peach, blueberry and apple pie for their wedding dessert. It was a delicious option that no one will forget.
  • One couple chose to have a dessert buffet (don’t you just love the sound of those two words together: Dessert. Buffet.) They made available five different small desserts for their guests to choose from across two tables: small lemon custards, a mini brownie a la mode, pecan tarts and two other desserts.
  • Speaking of variety, a vegan couple couldn’t decide on one flavor of cake, so they cut into 5 different small cakes, each with a different flavor cake and frosting.