Choosing the Perfect Wedding Chairs

will your guests be comfortable?wedding chairs

Particularly with older friends and family members joining you at your wedding, Mill 1 recommends making comfort for your guests your first priority in choosing event seating. Generally, a padded seat will lend itself to your guests’ comfort more than a solid surface. We also suggest sitting down and standing up in a chair to check the chairs’ stability. Folding chairs are pretty, but when an older guest has been sitting for awhile, their stability can be lacking.

white-wedding-chairshow are banquet chairs different?

There are a million Pinterest images showing styled wedding shoots with gorgeous, amazing chairs. However, in reality, event venues have three requirements for chairs they purchase. These requirements limit choices but ensure the comfort, safety and availability of chairs for your use. The chairs used in an actual banquet facility must have three qualities: 1. They must be designed to safely support an adult body. Often  2. Wedding chairs must be stackable for ease of moving into and out of a space in large numbers. 3. They must be incredibly durable for repeated use.

Chivari chairs, fuscia tableclothes and uplighting at wedding reception in Mill 1 in Holyoke

where are chairs in your budget priorities?

Renting chairs can be very expensive. In western Massachusetts, for example, banquet chairs rentals start at $2.00 per chair, plus delivery, plus tax, and can go up as high as $4-5 per chair depending on the chair’s popularity. Think about how important it is to you to have a particular color or style of chair. Is it extremely important, somewhat important, not really important, or not important at all? Once you know, you’ll be able to prioritize chairs in your planning accordingly.