Choosing Your Wedding Meal: Three Questions

Wedding-Apps-Appetizer-plated-passedA trained chef worth their Himalayan sea salt can cook pretty much anything. The choices for your wedding meal are, therefore, kind of endless. So how to you decide?! After six years of helping couples celebrate, here are Mill 1’s top three recommendations to get you started on your way to planning a delicious, meaningful event that makes you and your guests very happy:

how do you want to feel?


It’s important to decide what type of ‘feel’ you want. If you are having a black tie wedding then you might prefer an elegant multi-course plated meal. If you want a casual feeling, a bevy of tasty passed and stationary appetizers might be best. Decide how casual or formal you want your wedding to feel at the beginning and develop your food and venue choices from there.

Business_Event_Appetizer_Table_Decor_Mill _1_Western_Mass_Holyoke

what do *you* like?

The most important thing when planning your wedding meal is having food you like! You’re throwing a party to celebrate — think about how you like to celebrate first and foremost. Do you love chocolate? Then have chocolate! Do you love seafood? Then have seafood! Do you love a rich scalloped potato? You see where we’re going here, right?

make it personal.

Shrimp cocktail at wedding reception stationary appetizer display

The things you’ll remember especially fondly about your wedding are the moments that were personal, that were about your family, friends and loved ones. So if there’s a special family recipe you love or a cake decoration that has meaning for you and your fiancé, be sure to ask for it.