Window Ledges at Mill 1

antique tool box filled with white hydrangea and candle decorate window sill at Mill 1.Mill 1 at Open Square is a former 19th century factory building, built in 1848. Factories-then as now-weren’t fancy places. They were built of wood and brick with the interior kept as wide open as possible for machinery and light distribution.two small potted flowers and family wedding photo decorates brick window sill at Mill 1.

In addition to our brick walls and giant copious windows, Mill 1 also features deep window ledges onto which you can apply creative décor. Some window ledges include the original 170-year-old wood sills and some wood sills have been lost to time and are brick instead.Lesbian wedding bouquets of purples and fuscia on windowledge of refurbished mill

In terms of décor limitations, Mill 1 allows one candle per window sill. But other than that rule, you can apply whatever wedding decoration matches your vision. Here are some ideas from past weddings to consider:

  • For a spring or early summer wedding, buy large potted plants, like Boston Ferns, and place them in roughly every other window sill. Maybe wrap the base of the plant with burlap or a ribbon that matches your décor.
  • Scour tag sales for large lanterns or glass hurricanes and place one in every other window sill.
  • Make the window sills where you remember or honor family members or previous weddings in your family. Place one photo in a frame and a little potted plant per sill, every other sill.

    Image by Kylie Mones Photography