To Everything, Turn, Turn Turn: Seasons at Open Square

art office space outdoor seatingOur work at Open Square is deeply connected to the seasons. We spend too many many hours in the bobcat (our skid steer loader) and the plow truck when it snows. In the fall, we rake the water wheel grates twice a day to keep the water flowing at a pace that’s optimal for small hydro power. When the leaves fall is also when we service our steam boiler and plow equipment getting ready for the season that shall not be mentioned.outdoor seating office studio space westernma

In July & August, we pull weeds or wack them and use sunny days to attend to any roof issues.

And in the spring, we bring out our blue French folding chairs, custom metal tables and canvas umbrellas over the canal, plant colorful annuals in our main entryway and move the adirondack benches (they live inside over the winter) outside to our two make-shift seating areas by the Mill 4 entrance.

Welcome spring. Now PLEASE STOP RAINING so we can have lunch outside over the canal.

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